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We believe art to be vital, restorative, and life affirming. And we have been fortunate to fill our walls and waiting room with original art that will change from time to time.

The sculptures, photographs and paintings in our office were all created by artists in the Woodstock, Vermont area. It is a region the Asher family resided in for most of the past decade and where Dr. Asher spent several summers of his youth.

All of the art is for sale. WE DO NOT TAKE ANY COMMISSIONS OR PROFIT from the sale of artwork. Benjamin Asher, M.D./Restorative ENT will facilitate direct contact between buyer and artist to arrange for purchase and delivery of each piece.

And Woodstock artists are giving back to New York! Each artist will donate a percentage of the sale to a local non-profit organization. Specific recipient will be selected by patron and artist together (from a list of credible arts, healthcare, and youth charities).

We are open to exhibiting art of all mediums: photography, sculpture, paintings, textiles, and furniture. Interested artists from Vermont or the Upper and Connecticut Valley regions of New Hampshire are invited to contact Cynthia Weiss at: 212-223-4225 or