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Comprehensive Assessment

Initial consultations allow for forty-five minutes to one hour with Dr. Asher.

All patients receive a customized treatment program that integrates traditional Western protocols and the most effective non-conventional therapies.

Since Dr. Asher has started treating me, my sinus troubles have dramatically improved and I am hopeful that they will vanish all together. My teachers, my audience and my own ears have noticed a wonderful change. If it were not for the MD sign at the door, you'd think he is a magician; he is a healer, that is for sure.
Leni Stern
Jazz singer and international recording artist
New York City

Diagnostic and therapeutic services:

  • Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna
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  • Laryngeal stroboscopy — State-of-the-art account of the vocal cords in action for patients with voice disorders.
  • Nasal endoscopy — Provides a detailed visual evaluation of the nose for patients with nasal and sinus complaints.
  • Video pharyngoscopy / laryngoscopy — Provides a detailed visual evaluation of the throat area, for patients with throat and swallowing disorders.
  • IV Therapies — Nutritional infusions to support health and healing.
  • Tympanometry — Measurement of middle ear pressure to assess Eustachian tube function for children with ear infections (otitis media) and others with ear pain and pressure.
  • Cerumen removal — Clearing the ears of wax.
  • Cranial osteopathy — Gentle, hands-on structural adjustment, used in conjunction with other treatments, to address headaches, facial pain, TMJ, tinnitus, vertigo, and ear infections.
  • Hypnosis — Used for relaxation and stress reduction, helpful for many ENT disorders.
  • Myofacial Release — A trigger point release technique used to aid patients with chronic pain, tinnitus, and vertigo.
  • Laryngeal Myorelease — A hands-on structural adjustment that releases the larynx and surrounding structures; used to help patients with muscle tension disphonia, neck pain, and various voice disorders.
  • Nutritional evaluation and counseling — Assessment of micronutrient and vitamin deficiencies (via outside laboratory testing) for patients with complex chronic pain, sinusitis, allergies, and recurrent upper respiratory infections.
  • Instruction in stress reduction techniques — For patient home care, when appropriate.
  • Prescriptions — For medications and nutritional supplements.


Patients need to be active participants in their treatment program. Lifestyle changes or nutritional supplements may be suggested for optimal results.

We look forward to interfacing with all your other health providers, conventional and non-conventional alike.

Integrative medicine is a vast and rapidly expanding field. Dr. Asher is unparalleled in his ability to assist patients in navigating through the complex world of alternative modalities as they pertain to specific Ear, Nose, and Throat disorders. He has worked in cooperation with: acupuncturists; chiropractors; nutritionists; structural body workers; physical and speech therapists; movement therapists; Ayruvedic, homeopathic, and naturopathic physicians.