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Your Visit


Because Dr. Asher likes to spend as much time with his patients as he can, we ask that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your appointment in order to complete the necessary patient intake forms.

NOTE: The elevators in our building can take several extra minutes, particularly during the "rush hours" of earlier morning, end of the workday, and lunch times. Please allow a few extra minutes. In fact, we recommend that whenever possible you arrive a few minutes early, as we usually run on time... and we find it is beneficial to your visit if you do not arrive too hurried.

Upon request you can also obtain these forms in advance by calling the office to request copies via either fax or snail mail.

Please Note: Do not return completed forms via internet or fax, as this violates federal HIPAA privacy laws, which were created to protect you.

I was amazed to see my two year old's complete trust in Dr. Asher.
Sabina Kelley
Parent of patient, NYC

What to Bring

To make the most of your first appointment, please bring all available and relevant medical records. This includes: copies of your medical notes from other practitioners as well as any lab results, x-ray reports, actual x-rays and scans, and audiograms that have been completed.

Please bring the contact information for all the health care providers you currently see, so that we can inform them of our findings, or discuss your treatment if necessary.

You will need to send your health care providers a Records Release Authorization to have copies of your records sent directly to us. We can fax you a copy of the form, or you can download it here.

In addition, please bring a complete list of the nutritional supplements and medications you take.

Our patients are not required to change into exam gowns or disrobe for any reason.

All of our diagnostic and therapeutic services are minimally invasive. However, some of our treatments are performed fully reclined, and massage lotions are used. While these products claim to be non-staining, we do make the following suggestions: Tight fitting clothing worn around the neck will limit our ability to serve you. Patients may feel more comfortable wearing pants. While it is not necessary, we do offer scrub shirts and/or pants for you to change into. Or, you are welcome to bring your own change of clothes.

The practice has chosen to comply with the Red Flag laws, which were put into place to help protect our patients from identify theft. New patients should present a photo ID. In the case of a minor, the parent or guardian will provide his or hers. A copy of the Red Flag laws is available upon request.

Privacy Policy

It is your right to choose not to have your records or any information about your visit shared with anyone, including referring practitioners. Please notify us if you do not want your referring providers contacted by our office. If you want us to work in cooperation with other providers, you will first be asked to sign a release of information.

Our practice protects oral, written and electronic health information throughout the office. We will not sell your health information to anyone. We have many internal policies and procedures designed to control and protect the internal privacy and security of your health information. We train all of our employees to protect your information through internal policies and procedures, which are evaluated and updated for compliance with applicable law.

Because Benjamin F. Asher M.D, P.C./Restorative ENT does not submit any health care claims, we do not qualify as a covered entity under the provisions of the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA or PL104-191). However, we do fulfill all mandated federal requirements of HIPAA in our handling and care of all personal-private health information. An outline of HIPAA mandates is available at our office and will be provided upon request.

Cancellation Policy

Because we do not double-book appointments, and schedule each patient ample time with Dr. Asher, we must charge for missed appointments and those not cancelled with adequate notice.

New patients are required to give 48 (business) hours notice; established patients will be charged for all appointments not cancelled with 24 (business) hours. Therefore, for Monday appointments, a cancellation on Friday (before the time of the appointment on Monday)is required to avoid fees.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to charge full consultation fees for no-shows and for those cancellations provided with less than 2 hours notice.

NOTE: Patients who move their appointment time on the same day are subject to two appointment charges if the original appointment time is not filled.

New patients who cancel or reschedule with less than 48 hours will be asked to provide us with a credit card deposit in order to reschedule the consultation (this is a refundable deposit only in the event that adequate cancellation notice is given).

A detailed cancellation policy and fees will be provided at the initial visit, and can be requested at any time.