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Surgical Second Opinions

Surgery, although sometimes appropriate, always has inherent risks. Therefore, a conservative approach is strongly advised.

It is frequently beneficial to explore less invasive solutions - even if those approaches are based on empirical evidence or have limited success - when delaying surgical treatment will not have an adverse effect.

"The most valuable experience I gained in over twenty years in the operating room is knowing when not to operate."
- Dr. Asher

Dr. Asher, a highly skilled and successful surgeon, is a former professor of surgery. He believes he can be of greatest service to his patients by devoting all of his efforts and distinct abilities toward non-surgical solutions. His expertise in alternative modalities makes him uniquely qualified to assess the pros, cons, necessity, urgency, and efficacy of surgery for specific Ear, Nose, and Throat diseases.

When surgery is determined to be the proper recourse, Dr. Asher will help match you to the best surgeon for your particular needs.