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MIKE MERCADAL, Administrative Associate

Mike had newly landed in New York when we had the good fortune to add him to our team. While his technical training and skills are perhaps not obviously utilized in our office, they inform every aspect of the excellent service he provides. Mike is committed to being part of a team that provides top-quality "complete health."

"As a recent arrival to New York City, I could not be more pleased to be working for Dr. Asher. I am originally from Miami, Florida, where I worked as a Certified Paramedic in a high volume Hospital Emergency Room. My experiences in the emergency medical services has helped me develop a personal belief that there is more to health than just medicine. A complete health approach should be embraced. I consider meeting and working for Dr. Asher a complete confluence of ideas as his 'East meets West' approach to medicine is truly, in my opinion, the way to maintain health and not just treat illness."

Mike came to New York to fine-tune his art as a stand-up comic.

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CYNTHIA WEISS, Business Development and Media Relations
Cynthia is passionate about her role in helping people achieve optimal health.

Those interested in collaborating with Dr. Asher or interested in booking him for workshops and lectures (see Presentations page on this site) should contact Cynthia.

She also fields requests media inquires including: requests for interviews, article contributions, scheduling Dr. Asher as a guest on a radio or television program, and advertising.

Please email her: