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Testimonials from patients and referring practitioners:

I have referred numerous patients in my practice to Dr. Benjamin Asher for a variety of ENT issues. I find his evaluations extraordinarily intelligent; he is painstakingly thorough in his consideration of environmental and allergic triggers. His attention to diagnostic detail has been scrupulous. Dr Asher's hands-on work results in positive outcomes that rival those of the most talented craniosacral, osteopathic, or chiropractic practitioners. My patients and I have experienced his refreshing thoughtfulness, highly personable style, and palpable respect for human beings that confirms his stature as a true healer. I feel completely confident in continuing to recommend Dr. Benjamin Asher to my patients.

Mark Nesselson, MD
Pediatrician, New York City

As a member of the voice faculty of the Music Academy of the West and a voice teacher in New York City, it has been a privilege to introduce Dr. Asher to the musical community. I have great confidence in Dr. Asher's ability to diagnose and help avert vocal problems without first resorting to medication. Dr. Asher's willingness to explore alternatives to traditional methods has helped my students tremendously.

Fred Carama
Voice Teacher, New York City and Los Angeles

The care and precision with which Dr. Asher works is so very helpful for the performer who needs urgent and reliable care in a holistic and calm atmosphere. Our voice is such an important part of our work - it can make or break a show. We must have the best on our side.

Nilaja Sun
Performing artist, New York City

What a relief to find a doctor that doesn't want to go right to surgery.

G.S., patient, New York City

Dr. Asher is the most responsive ENT I've ever met with (there have been several).

L. Zappler, patient, Stroudsburg, PA

I never felt so welcomed at a doctor's office - ever. Dr. Asher's knowledge and skill in the use of "alternative" modalities are amazing. I'm so happy that I found this office!

J. Brown-Kline, Forrest Hills, New York

Benjamin Asher is the quintessential otolaryngologist, in a class by himself. To be able to receive care from a person who is not only smart and well informed, but is also compassionate, kind, and firmly grounded in many paradigms of healing is a true blessing for patients. As a fellow ear-nose-and throat physician, I would seek his counsel if I, or a family member, was in need of ENT care.

Dr. Sezelle Gereau Haddon, MD
Columbia University Medical Center and Beth Israel Hospital

Dr. Asher has rescued my performing career. He brought clarity to a confusing diagnosis, offered me a healthy solution and has stuck with me on the long road to recovery. In a world that can seem overrun with a pill-popping diagnoses and knife-happy surgeons, Dr. Asher is a holistic alternative.

Melissa Creighton
Television Actress and Puppeteer, New York City

Dr. Asher gave me back a part of my health I assumed was lost forever! I suffered with intense daily neck spasms for fifteen years as the result of an automobile accident. I sought relief from acupuncture, chiropractic, herbs, physical therapy, counseling, and even surgery. By the time I consulted with him, I was up to the maximum dosage of pain medications, anti-inflammatories, and even steroids. That was over five years ago, and I have needed only one follow-up treatment to remain pain free without use of medications.

P. Andrews, Pomfret, Vermont

Dr. Asher was kind, patient, and a great listener.

M. Clore, patient, New York City

Dr. Asher is an individual with superb ability and training who is devoted to his patients. There are very few physicians who are able to manage such complex problems with very good patient outcomes. He is a very fine and comforting physician and a marvelous person.

"I believe that true state-of-the-art medicine considers each person greater than a sum of all their parts."
    -- Dr. Asher

David W. Butsch, MD, FACS
Physician and Surgeon

You have provided excellent service to many of my patients. You have always been attentive to their problems and knowledgeable in finding solutions. Your ability to manage difficult, multi-system problems is impressive... results have been excellent and patients have been very satisfied.

Marilyn J. Hart, MD
Internal Medicine

I highly recommend Dr. Asher to those who have not had success with other doctors.

Sixteen months after a car accident, I was still having tremendous neck, back, and head pain. Various physical therapists helped in small ways, but after seeing Dr. Asher twice, my neck muscles were freed up tremendously and my back pain lessened greatly. I also had wetness in my ear that another ENT said was common to his accident patients, but he did not know how to treat it. Dr. Asher's treatment totally cleared up that problem. I am now finished with three visits, and my singing has improved as the neck tension is removed, and the muscle coordination has improved.

M. P., patient
Jersey City, New Jersey

This is the best office visit I ever had with any doctor.

Roy Harris
New York City

As a solo performer on Broadway, I spent an exhilarating but exhausting seven months pushing my voice, body, and spirit to their limits. Dr. Asher has renewed all three, and with each treatment I discovered reserves of physical and creative energy I did not know I possessed. Thank You!

Sarah Jones
Tony-award winning performer, New York City

Dr. Asher saved my life - well not my life exactly, but my nose! I had severe sinusitis, had lost my sense of taste and smell, had become ill from too many anti-biotics and steroids, was told that an iffy operation was my only hope - and then I met HIM. He is a superb doctor who talks, listens and, most important, observes and treats you partly through observation. Even though he claims to only be an ear, nose, and throat man, I suspect he can treat and cure anything. He is a real healer - and that is very rare.

Andre Bishop
Artistic Director
Lincoln Center Theater

The first truly outstanding experience I've ever had at a doctor's office. I'm actually looking forward to my next appointment!

W. B., patient
Brooklyn, New York

This is the best experience I have had with and in a doctor's office. Excellent, truly excellent.

Desiree Pardi, MD, patient and Internal Medicine Specialist
Weill-Cornell Medical College, New York

Even though I was coming under "pay what I can," Dr. Asher treated me thoroughly and patiently.

J. Durdock, New York

Since Dr. Asher has started treating me, my sinus troubles have dramatically improved and I am hopeful that they will vanish all together. My teachers, my audience and my own ears have noticed a wonderful change. If it were not for the MD sign at the door, you'd think he is a magician; he is a healer, that is for sure.

Leni Stern, Jazz singer and international recording artist, New York City

Dr. Asher is a rarity among New York physicians - a caring, responsive doctor who takes the time to listen to his patients and take a full measure of their medical issues and personal concerns, rather than a narrow inventory of their symptoms. And his care extends beyond the office visit - he is diligent about follow-ups. Dr. Asher is the closest thing to a true wellness doctor as I've ever encountered in New York.

Allan Ripp, New York City

Fantastic - I got more than what I had expected.

K. Paulson, patient, New York City

This is what a doctor's office and treatment should be!

J. Cancro, patient, Rye, NY

Complete satisfaction!

L. Melman, NYC patient

I wanted to thank you for the kind support you provided me concerning the death of my father and my need to take care of myself. The conversations with you were among the most helpful I have had with anyone - including my mental health colleagues. Your assistance over the past number of years has been invaluable and has contributed significantly to improved quality of life. I am truly grateful that you are a member of my health care team.

J.P., patient and licensed social worker, Montpelier, Vermont

I was amazed to see my two year old's complete trust in Dr. Asher.

S. Kelley, mother of patient, New York City

I feel that I received a wonderful opening - both physicial and spiritual - from Dr. Asher's ministrations. I'm very grateful and feel most blessed.

E. Hepburn, patient, musician and author, New York City

Dr. Asher's comprehensive knowledge of innovative alternative approaches as well as of traditional medical intervention enhances the effectiveness and speed for the successful treatment of his patients. As a patient of his, whom he treated for muscle tension dysphonia, I can attest to his incredible efficacy and professionalism.

I. K. Reichel
Board-Recognized Fluency Specialist, and Adjunct professor
Long Island University

As lovely as a visit to a doctor can be! Thanks for your caring approach.

LKR, Hartsdale, NY

Very, Very Happy!

D. Giglio, patient, New York City

My immediate impression was that Dr. Asher was going to treat me with 'modern' medical treatments that weren't invasive. However, what I experienced, thankfully, was quite the opposite. Dr. Asher has a gift. He's not a doctor; he's a healer. There is a great difference. Modern medicine seems to treat the symptom instead of investigating the cause. Doctors seem to get carried away with this. Dr. Asher intuits, as well as examines, both the symptoms and the cause and that's why I call him a healer, albeit one with medical degrees.

To put it simply, the man really knows what he is doing, and in addition seems to be someone who is continually adapting and honing his practice. When he was treating me I felt as if he was using acupressure, massage, touch and gentle questions in a way that really dealt exactly with my pain. He fixed my problem, one that I've had for years, in a couple of treatments. How many acupuncturists, aromatherapists, masseurs, biomechanics, and M.D.'s have I seen that couldn't help me? I've lost count. Anyway, thank you Dr. Asher. The people you treat are lucky they have you to help them.

JJF, patient, New York City

I am the editor and publisher of a regional guide to complementary health services...While Dr. Asher's services include standard allopathic care, he is also trained in a variety of complementary techniques. Many people struggle with persistent irritating conditions such as headaches, ear infections, and throat and voice issues. Without Dr. Asher's services they would have no choice except to follow the standard care, which involves some combination of surgery and/or pharmaceuticals. In some cases, these options are necessary, but in many, people find relief from their conditions with other, much less invasive modalities such as the techniques offered by Dr. Asher. This results in trusting, loyal patients, happy with their care and outcome.

Dorian Yates, Editor Publisher, The Upper Valley Guide to Complementary and Alternative Health Services