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Dr. Asher is a rarity among New York physicians - a caring, responsive doctor who takes the time to listen to his patients and take a full measure of their medical issues and personal concerns, rather than a narrow inventory of their symptoms. And his care extends beyond the office visit - he is diligent about follow-ups. Dr. Asher is the closest thing to a true wellness doctor as I've ever encountered in New York.
Allan Ripp
Patient, New York City


For your convenience you can directly download our "new patient" forms and complete them prior to your visit.

Patient Information.pdf
Medical History.pdf
Records Release.pdf (authorizing your other practitioner's records to be sent to us)

You may also request these forms be mailed to you when you make your initial appointment.

Please note: forms CANNOT be completed or returned on-line, or returned via fax, due to privacy restrictions.

Instead, you may bring them with you or return them in advance via snail mail.

If you prefer, you are welcome to arrive earlier to your appointment and complete the forms in our office.

Filling Prescriptions and Obtaining Nutritional Supplements

You are welcome to use any pharmacy you choose. Most will have the conventional medications we prescribe.

Nutritional supplements: we have arranged for our patients to receive wholesale direct prices, via mail order, for these supplements. Detailed information will be provided at the time of your visit.